EXCLUSIVE: Kate Major Tells TLC Lawyers Jon Gosselin Wanted To Be Motorcycle King

Kate Major was deposed Wednesday in TLC’s lawsuit against Jon Gosselin and her testimony against the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star was explosive. Jon planned to endorse a line of motorcycles as well as kids’ clothes and furniture, Major told RadarOnline.com exclusively

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“I was supposed to be his assistant as well as work with him on a book and other endorsements such as a motorcycle line and a kids clothing line, and kids’ stackable furniture,” Kate told us she revealed to the TLC attorneys.

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Major told RadarOnline.com that Gosselin never mentioned to her how his TLC contract was going to fit into all this.  “His contract with TLC never came up,” Major said.  “It didn’t seem to concern him.”

The attorneys for TLC from the top law firm of Williams & Connolly asked Kate about Jon’s plans to employ her. “He promised he would, or else I wouldn’t have resigned from my job,” Kate added.

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Major also revealed that Jon told her to resign from her job at Star magazine and work for him at a salary that would be more than she’d been making.

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Kate said the TLC attorneys also asked about her personal relationship with Jon.  “My lawyer intervened so I didn’t have to answer any of that,” she said.

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