EXCLUSIVE: Jon And Kate Gosselin Divorce Official — Kate Walks Away With Most Of The Money And The House

We told you so! RadarOnline.com exclusively reported on Thursday that Jon and Kate Gosselin‘s divorce decree would be made official within 24 hours – and it has.

EXCLUSIVE: Divorce To Be Finalized Within 24 Hours

They are both now officially single.

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What’s more RadarOnline.com has learned that Kate is absolutely thrilled with the settlement and has gotten everything she wanted including the house and most of the cash.

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Jon, meantime, is struggling both financially, and emotionally. With his ability to earn any cash stifled by his ongoing legal dispute with cable giant TLC, and his relationship woes with on again off again girlfriend Hailey Glassman, it’s tough times for the dad of 8.

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Mark Momjian, Kate’s co-counsel tells RadarOnline.com, “Our client will continue to reside with all eight of her children in the former marital home. This was Kate’s primary focus from the very start of the case, and we are very pleased with the final outcome.”

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“I am very relieved that our divorce has been finalized, and I look forward to the New Year, focusing on the children,” Kate said in a statement released by her attorneys. “On behalf of myself and my legal team, I want to express my deep appreciation to the Judge and his staff, as well as to the arbitrator, for resolving this case. This has been a challenging transition for all of us, but I am confident that we will move ahead with the important task of restructuring our lives.”

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