EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Tiger Woods’ Scandal Girl’s Affair With Married TV Star

“I don’t want to be somebody’s number two. I don’t want to be with a married man.”

Rachel Uchitel should tell that to David Boreanz’s wife.

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Uchitel, the woman linked to Tiger Woods in a cheating scandal, had a passionate romance with Boreanz, the star of TV’s Bones, in a story that was broken by Star magazine in its November 2 issue.

RadarOnline.com has confirmed the affair with a source close to Boreanz, who chided the actor for being a fool and said at first he tried to lie his way out of the situation, before finally admitting it to people close to him.

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Adding to the scandal factor is that Boreanz’s wife Jaime Bergman was pregnant while he cheated on her with Uchitel.

Uchitel has now been linked to Tiger Woods by the National Enquirer and although she has denied a romantic relationship with him, the story exploded nationally when Tiger drove into a tree on Friday.

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Uchitel is a New York City events planner and met Boreanz in the spring at Griffin club, where she was director of VIP operations. That’s when they began their torrid affair, according to Star.

The magazine reported exclusively that Rachel ended the relationship two weeks after Bergman gave birth. Star also said that Boreanz was calling Rachel while his wife was giving birth!

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