EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Brad, Angelina And The Kids Trick Or Treating!

How would you like to answer the knock on your door Halloween night to find Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and the kids standing outside in full costume trick or treating?!

PHOTOS: Brad, Angie & The Kids Go Trick-Or-Treating!

That’s exactly what some families in the Los Angeles-area experienced Saturday night as Brangelina and their brood got into the spirit of the holiday and dressed in colorful costumes as these photos – exclusive to RadarOnline.com – show.

Brad’s hilarious costume includes beads in his beard and his bright orange outfit made him stand out during the dark night. Brad was dressed as DJ Lance Rock from the kids TV show Yo GabbaGabba! We’re assuming it is a favorite of his own gang.

In our exclusive photos Angelina sports grey hair with blood on the site of her face – sorry, nice try to scare us, but you still look gorgeous!

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Zahara is dressed in a Batman costume and carrying her candy in a plastic pumpkin.

Maddox, who loves toy guns, is dressed in camouflage and Shiloh also appears to be sporting the military theme.

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Brad drove the family into a neighborhood near the Hollywood Hills where they trick or treated. They did not have security with them.

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Some people on the street recognized the Brangelina crew and stared but all was well as the Pitt-Jolie clan had a blast.

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