EXCLUSIVE: Carrie Prejean Was Over 18 When Nude Photos Taken

The scandal surrounding Carrie Prejean continues to grow as RadarOnline.com has confirmed that the dethroned Miss California was over 18 when the nude photos of her were snapped.

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Her lawyers, in carefully worded statements, have indicated she may have been underage at the time some of the photos were taken – a fact that would likely prevent every media outlet from running the photos. While that’s good legal strategy, it does not accurately reflect the facts, a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

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Prejean had previously admitted to one sex tape, calling it the biggest mistake of her life. But RadarOnline.com then exclusively revealed the existence of 30 nude  photos of Prejean and EIGHT sex tapes.

Now a source close to the situation says Carrie was at least 18 and that the photos have a telltale sign that proves it.

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Carrie took a series of photos of herself in increasing degrees of nudity.  Photos show her with a bra on, then with her bra off, revealing her breasts with a prominent tan line.  In some photos Carrie is wearing only panties. In others, nothing is left to the imagination.   

PHOTO: Prejean And Michael Phelps Together

There are also photos of Carrie displaying her perfectly toned bottom for the camera as well as other shots where she is wearing panties, but pulls them to the side

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