Britney Spears Fans Storm Out Of Australian Concert, Complain About Her Lip-Sync Performance

She was only three songs into her Perth, Australia show Friday night when fans started heading to the doors. Hundreds of them left, and even more are angry about what they paid between $182 and $1370 US dollars to see.

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“We are really big Britney fans, but it was crap,” Josh Blee told local reporters. “She has let us down. Added Amanda Hawlet, who drove two hours to Perth’s Burswood Dome, “I want my money back or I want her to sing properly. It cost me half a week’s wage….it was a waste.”

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Even the Australian government has gotten involved in the dispute. New South Wales Minister for Fair Trade Virginia Judge is considering requiring Britney to disclose on tickets for future shows that she doesn’t sing live. “Australians would not tolerate a ‘Mickey Mouse’ performace,” Judge told the Sydney Daily Telegraph. “Let’s be clear. Live means live.”

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