Jon Hacks Babysitter’s Story: I Didn’t Do It!

Jon Gosselin says a former lover’s story that he hacked into Kate Gosselin‘s email simply doesn’t compute.

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Stephanie Santoro, who had a short romance with Jon when he hired her to babysit his kids, told in an exclusive and explosive video interview that Jon bragged he hacked into Kate’s email, telephone, and banking accounts.

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Santoro’s claims prompted Kate Gosselin to issue a statement Thursday that she is “profoundly disturbed” by the allegations and carefully considering her legal options. learned that Kate is absolutely furious and the public statement doesn’t begin to express the depth of how upset she is by the possibility of Jon hacking into her accounts.

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Jon fired back later Thursday, through his lawyer Mark Heller, saying Santoro is lying. Heller told that Jon, “unequivocally told me that he’s never illegally invaded Kate’s electronic privacy in any way. He also finds it a little disappointing that Kate would give credence to an uncorroborated statement made by an individual who clearly has a motivation to tell stories about Jon that might result in financial [compensation].”

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Jon has denied dating Santoro even though he was caught taking her home from a Pennsylvania bar. Photographs showed her peeking out of a doorway of his house early in the morning wearing the same clothes she had on the night before

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This is the latest crisis for Jon, who has also denied dating former Star reporter Kate Major (despite confirmation of the romance from many other sources) and Deanna Humel, whose brother revealed the romance, complete with video of Jon leaving Deanna’s house early in the morning.

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Meanwhile Jon has given several interviews to magazines and elsewhere during the past few months and Kate’s lawyer has said he believes Jon has income he has not disclosed.

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