Home Alone: Gosselin Kids With Nannies While Jon & Kate Both In LA

Jon Gosselin was snapped arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles Wednesday, enjoying his first post-flight cigarette while telling reporters he wasn’t going to take his kids out trick-or-treating for Halloween Saturday because he “doesn’t have custody.”

Halloween isn’t the only event Jon’s left out in the cold on, in his first post-split holiday season.

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“On Christmas, I’ll see my kids during the day for a couple of hours,” he recently told ParentDish.com.

Coincidentally, Kate Gosselin has been on the West Coast this week as well, as she took part in a women’s conference that also included guests such as Patrick Swayze‘s widow, Lisa Niemi, and California’s first lady, Maria Shriver.

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So with the parents almost 2,700 miles away from their kin, we have to wonder — who’s watching the eight kids? Thank goodness for nannies.

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