EXCLUSIVE: Liar, Liar! Jon Gosselin And Babysitter’s Mom In War Of Words

In this corner, weighing well over 200 pounds (hey, that’s how it looks) and wearing a slightly disturbed grimace, is Jon Gosselin.

And in the opposite corner, wearing highly disdainful look is the reality star’s opponent Marci Santoro.

Click here to watch Marci’s exclusive video interview about Jon

The war of the words has officially begun, with Jon calling Marci a liar and Marci ready to drop more bombshells about the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star’s relationship with her daughter Stephanie.

Responding to Marci’s charges that Jon once threatened suicide and was Stephanie’s lover, Jon has given his own video interview saying it’s just not true.

Click above to watch Jon’s denial.

Jon says Marci just wants to make money off him. Of course Jon also said he wasn’t romantically involved with Kate Major even though she quit her job after they spent a week together in the Hamptons.

Click here to watch a video interview with Jon explaining why he locked wife Kate out of the house.

But look out Jon, RadarOnline.com just spoke to Marci and she says you don’t just have to take her word for it, her daughter has text messages to prove it!

Marci told RadarOnline.com: “Stephanie has plenty of text messages saved from Jon Gosselin that prove they had a very intimate relationship.”

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RadarOnline.com also hears that Jon is going to have to do a lot more explaining very soon because Stephanie is going to back up her mom’s claims!

Click here to watch video of Jon and Hailey talking about how happy they are together.

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