PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin Greets Fans, Comforts Kids

Now that Jon Gosselin is back in residence in Reading, Pa., it seems he’s enjoying the simple life compared to his Hamptons romp with Michael Lohan and Kate Major.

Click here for shots of Jon greeting fans on his property, and adorable pics of him holding hands with daughter Maddy.

Gosselin was all smiles for fans that came to the perimeter of his home, with signs and cameras. He cooperated fully and posed for snaps with a gaggle of females.

Then, in a rather touching display, walked hand-in-hand with daughter Maddy on the grounds.

While inside their home divisiveness might prevail–one optimistic fan left a huge cardboard collage declaring, “Jon and Kate I Love You!”

Click here to see video of Jon calling his relatives’ claims about the kids ridiculous.

Check out these photos of Jon playing with the kids.

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