Johnny Depp Wears His Heart On His Wrist

Johnny Depp has played a pirate, a gangster, an astronaut and a bloody barber but undeniably his favorite role is Daddy.  The actor displayed that for all his fans to see at Comic-Con Thursday where he was spotted wearing his kids’ baby bracelets.

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Depp is known for sporting several macho leather wristbands no matter how formal or casual his attire, but those baby bracelets brought out his softer paternal side.

Johnny is the father of two – Lily-Rose Melody, 10 and Jack, 7 – with girlfriend, French singer Vanessa Paradis.  “I could sit there all day and do nothing but watch them grow,” he said of the kids.  “I am totally inspired by them.”

He was at Comic-Con to promote his upcoming role as The Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland which comes out in March.

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