Not Fit For Kids? Exclusive Video Inside Octo-Mom's Home

The hospital has told Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman that she can not bring home the babies until she improves the condition of her house. The national controversy engulfing the single mother of fourteen is growing larger by the day and now in a video exclusive, we take you inside her house for a first-hand look at the living conditions.

Is this home fit for 14 children? Are the conditions dangerous? Where will Octo-Mom pack in all those children in such a tiny home?

Now you can see for yourself by watching’s exclusive inside-the-home video. See the living conditions, the rooms packed with toys, piles of clothing on the floor and more. Decide for yourself after watching’s shocking video.

Later today, will post another explosive new interview with Octo-Mom, so keep checking our site.

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