The End Of Comic Books?


Looks like kryptonite isn’t the only foe for Superman.

The popularity of the iPhone/iPod, and the growing popularity of’s e-book Kindle, may mean the end of the line for comic books.

“If 10% of the readers migrate to an e-device, that is gonna throw off the economics for 60% of the (comic) books that are published in this country,” DC Comics exec John Cunningham told a panel in New York.

Advertising Age notes that though the sales of graphic novels are up 5%, that is expected to go in reverse as more content becomes available online.

Ironically, though, not only will DC and Marvel remain merchandising powerhouses, they’ll reap even greater profits without the overhead of having to print and deliver comics.

Sadly, that’ll probably mean the end of the local comic book shop…and it’s not gonna do the bag-and-board makers a whole lotta good either.

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