Chris Brown: More Fallout

(Photo: Splash News Online)

Following his bombshell arrest involving a violent altercation with his girlfriend pop star Rihanna, R&B singer Chris Brown has pulled out of the NBA All-stars. Brown was scheduled to participate in the All-Star festivities in Phoenix on Sunday and was also planning to play in a celebrity game two days before the event.

That’s not the only fallout. The Wrigley chewing gum company has suspended a commercial that features Brown.

Brown is also a pitchman for the long-running Got Milk? campaign, in which celebrities are photographed with a milk mustache. The Milk Processor Education Program said his participation was scheduled to end this week, as planned.

“The Milk Mustache campaign is taking the allegations against Chris Brown very seriously,” the Washington, D.C.-based trade group said in a statement. “We are very proud and protective of the image of the Milk Mustache campaign and the responsible message it sends to teens.”

Right now, Brown has only been arrested with making criminal threats, but the LAPD — with Rihanna’s cooperation — is reportedly building a case against Brown for domestic violence.

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