Bachelor Hunk Forced to Strip at Airport


Lt. Andy Baldwin, best known as the former Bachelor who was also a navy doctor, was at a Washington D.C. area airport this morning, on his way to Nashville, when he was told to take his sweatshirt off by TSA security! Andy tells, “I had a lightweight sweatshirt on and a coat. Put my coat through x-ray, and shoes. A male TSA employee told me to take off my sweatshirt, and I said,’ WHAT?’ He said, ‘do as I say sir!”

Andy, still enlisted with the Unites States Navy, followed orders, and took his sweatshirt off. The extremely fit triathlete didn’t have a shirt on underneath. What an unexpected treat for female onlookers! Andy, sans shirt, went through security, and the machine buzzed anyway. Seems the doctor forgot he had an ipod in the pocket of his jeans.

Our favorite Bachelor couldn’t catch a break, and he says at this point the female TSA employee said to her male colleague, “What are you going to do…make him take his pants off too?!” Sadly, for the swooning ladies, this wasn’t the case.

Andy says he thinks after all was said and done, “It was a little strange, awkward and funny at the same time. After all that transpired I think the TSA guy was more embarrassed than I was.”

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