Lily Allen Miscarriage

(Photo: Splash News Online)

Singer Lily Allen tells the UK’s Daily Telegraph that after suffering a miscarriage a year ago this month, she was so distraught she checked herself into a “nuthouse,” as she puts it.

“‘Psychiatric clinic,” she clarified. “I stayed there for three weeks. I was really depressed because of the miscarriage and I’d kind of lost the plot a bit. It was quite a nasty time.”

Allen had been delighted when she discovered she was pregnant by now-former boyfriend, Ed Simons, one half of the Chemical Brothers.

“I was at home with my family and Ed, and I wasn’t drinking, and I just sat there knowing I was having a baby and I was in absolute bliss. Sitting round eating turkey, playing games, watching everybody getting drunk, and being really excited knowing this time next year I was going to have a baby.”

Would she still be with the rocker if she’d had the child?

“I don’t know. You could drive yourself insane thinking about it.”

The plus side of having checked herself in for help, she says, is that it “was quite nice being in there. No one could get to me; no one knew I was there.”

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