Chuck E. Cheese Is A Dirty Mouse


Hey mom, how clean is that Chuck E. Cheese? The answer is “not very”. conducted a down and dirty investigation with the help of “Dr Germ” himself, famed microbiologist Charles Gerba.

Dr. Gerba went to three locations in California and swabbed a variety of surfaces in the restaurant and arcade areas, such as play mats, trays, chairs, tables, and games. Among the discoveries from the analyses were:

–Serratia Rubidaea, a rare cause of respiratory tract infections, wound and blood infections, found on the Yellow Bus Ride in Pasadena.

–Enterobacter sakazakii, which can cause necrotizing enterocolitis, bacteremia, and infant meningitis, thriving on a table and high chair in Sun Valley.

–Klebsiella pneumoniae, which can cause urinary tract infections, wound and bloodstream infections and pneumonia, clinging to the children’s play mats in Sun Valley and Burbank.

‘Chuck E. Cheese’ company spokesperson Brenda Holloway responded to this study.

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