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Obama's New Super Friend


Obama has finally made it. No, not to the White House. He’s achieved true greatness because he’s now in a comic book.

In his first comic book appearance as president-elect, Obama gets to shake hands with Erik Larsen‘s Savage Dragon in the Red Eye section of The Chicago Tribune.

The Dragon is a superhero police officer with super strength and a fast-healing factor.

Larsen had his character endorse Obama for president in September’s issue #137, so it stands to reason that the two would eventually meet.

However, there was a backlash from fans about the issue, since many felt it’s inappropriate to have superheroes making political statements.

Larsen disagrees. “I think Savage Dragon is what put Obama over the top,” he joked.

Apparently Obama himself collects both Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics. So he’s no doubt pleased to belong to an elite group of Presidents who have shown up in comic books, including John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.