Avril’s Feeling Just Too Peachy

Song jacking: As Avril Lavigne fights allegations of ripping off a song she claims never to have heard, it appears she might have a harder time disputing similarities between one of her tunes and a popular song by Peaches.

Obstructed view: Blonde mini-mogul Ivanka Trump says there’s no way she would join the cast of The View.

742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield, VT: Tiny Springfield, Vermont, beats out 13 other Springfields for the honor of hosting the Simpsons movie premiere in its 100-seat movie theater.

Investigative porn: The hard hitting journalists at Hustler are the one’s responsible for exposing prostitute visitor Sen. David Vitter.

Oops, she’s a disaster again: The old binge drinking, fast-food eating Britney is back. So much for dating the drug counselor.

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