Norm Coleman’s Press Disaster

Here is a giant gift to funnyman Al Franken, who is running for Senate against an incumbent, Republican Norm Coleman. (Yesterday, Franken went from polling nine points behind to polling four points ahead even!) Because this is the great state of Minnesota, the modern times haven’t entirely caught up with Coleman’s campaign, so their house policy is that they don’t “respond to rumors on blogs.” Oh honey. The blogs will reach through the Internet and destroy you, because although Coleman “is the fourth poorest member of the United States Senate … he claims more than $600,000 in market value assets.” Also there are trips to the Bahamas and stuff. And possibly free clothes. Here is his press secretary totally losing at conducting a press conference in the old manner: by repeating a talking point endlessly and refusing to give information. One reporter even turns against her blogthren and says, basically, “I’m not from one of those shady blogs—I’m a real reporter!” To no avail, of course. (Scab!)

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