How To Read The Gawker Media Layoffs


Everyone’s still sorting out what the hires and fires at Gawker Media today mean. So far what we can tell is this: Defamer will be lead by long-time #2 Seth Abramovitch and two other staff members; today is the last day for Mark Graham, who was installed this January as the site’s Managing Editor. Valleywag laid off three, leaving it with a site lead and one other. Jezebel is actually adding two staffers; Gawker is also likely to grow, and none of the current staff have been laid off, apart from very recent hire Moe Tkacik. One of Fleshbot’s folks is moving to Deadspin, which lost an associate editor but gained a college football reporter (who happens to be the same guy.) The lead editor of Consumerist is remaining but will lose two staff, leaving just one other. And, in the most shocking news of the day, long-serving Fleshbot editor Jonno is departing.

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