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Author: Clinton Needs an Erotic Diet

ON TOP Hillary, with Bill

Like Radar, author/erotic photographer Sheldon Filger believes that presidential candidates should be celebrated in all their glory. (His trenchant analysis of the Clinton candidacy in his book Hillary Clinton Nude is referenced in our latest issue.)

Filger, who has also published a book of erotic photography [NSFW] focused on destroying the “erroneous canard that only girls with large breasts are erotic,” has whipped out yet another polemic on Sen. Clinton, this time focusing like a missile-shaped bra on her inability to end the Iraq war and her likely source of mojo.

“I get the impression that Hillary Clinton views the attainment of political power as the fulfillment of her ultimate sexual fantasies,” Filger tells Radar. “I recommend she read my books on female eroticism and try my Erotic Diet as a more pleasurable alternative for both her and the American people.”

The diet, which includes liberal use of tarragon, basil, chives, and oregano, could have Clinton Deal-A-Mealing her way to a “female body that exudes erotic beauty and powerful sensuality” in no time, Filger says. And according to his analysis, she should be able to do this even while on the famously junk-food strewn stump: “If she is as disciplined as all of her publicists and partisans claim, she should have no trouble following it while on the campaign trail.”