No One’s Biting on Fanning’s Sundance Shocker


Too soon to play grown-up: Dakota Fanning‘s Hounddog, in which (as everyone now knows) her character is raped, has been having trouble attracting buyers at Sundance. After looking at the script, it’s clear why.

From homelessyness to happyness: The new mayor of Washington, D.C., Adrian M. Fenty, screened Will Smith’s The Pursuit of Happyness for a group of the city’s homeless residents to inspire them. Plus, hey! Free popcorn!

Mini-storage: Sir Richard Branson is launching a biotech firm which will specialize in stem cell storage.

Straight to LimeWire: Producer and Black Eyed Pea has announced that the album he’s working on with comeback kid Michael Jackson will be released via the Internet.

Her best breasts: Janet Jackson’s breasts continue on their relentless global PR blitz. Between junkets and photo ops, the breasts are clocking studio time to put the finishing touches on Janet’s 20 YO Remix album.

Clean queen: Miss U.S.A.Tara Connor has finished rehab and is ready to hit the comeback trail.

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