Pratt Taps Barrymore for Press Attention

DREW’S COUGAR? Barrymore, Pratt (inset)

Firestarter: To help promote her radio show, Jane Pratt of Jane fame admits that she and Drew Barrymore used to ruffle the sheets. (And responds here to little old us.)

Licking Leia: The Postal Service announced a set of Star Wars-themed stamps to be released in May. One of them’s Chewy!

We salute you, jellyfish: In the best interest of moviegoers everywhere, deadly jellyfish have delayed the shooting of a new Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey dram-rom-com.

Alt-rock venue: First pitched for the National Mall, then for the White House’s West Lawn, politics may drive Al Gore‘s climate change rock rager out of D.C. altogether.

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