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Pop Twits Unite for Chuggin’ ‘n’ Puffin’

BESTIES? Spilton

Hilton and Spears—the new power couple?: Britney Spears‘s formula for a post FedEx career: slogging down rum ‘n cokes and puffing Marlboro Lights with Paris Hilton.

Related: Brit might give away her sex tape for free. That’ll show ‘im. Atta girl.

M-Lo conspiracy theory: Was Dancing With the Stars fixed? It certainly seems so, considering Mario Lopez did not win. At least there’s plenty of classic AC Slater moves available for download.

• <a href="http://www.theage.com.au/news/people/oj-lawyer-upset-over-book/2006/11/20/1163871305206.html
” target=”_blank”>Too little too late from Simpson spawn: O.J.‘s kids, unlike Fox and HarperCollins, are okay with him writing a book about how he would have killed two people.