Adding Horsepower to Our Journalism

Our new mascot: Meet Radar, the world’s largest horse.

Rehab now officially stylish: Designer Marc Jacobs joins the ranks of Lohan and Spears and heads back to rehab after a seven-year stint on the wagon.

Baby drama: NBC adapts another British reality show for U.S. audiences—Baby Borrowers, in which teenage couples live together and watch over an infant, toddler, pubescent teen, and even a senior citizen.

Anchor becomes the story : CNN Headline News anchor Thomas Roberts says he was sexually abused as a teenager—by a Catholic priest.

Carrie wear: Sex and the City‘s Sarah Jessica Parker is set to launch her own clothing line to a select group of editors.

Reagan lite: That guy who’s pretty much the swaggery Republican character he plays on Law & Order, Fred Thompson, will likely run for president.

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