Orphan Hero Jolie Dodges Kidnappers


Adventures in baby saving: Not only has Angelina Jolie navigated the treacherous bureaucracy of international adoption, she’s dodged would-be kidnappers along the way.

Path to relapse: Courtney Love is being sued for non-payment of her rehab costs. It’s the perfect excuse for relapse.

For the boys: Michael Jackson is behind the troops.

Got beef?: The NYPD has banned Busta Rhymes from a film shoot citing safety concerns.

Xenu says: It’s a boy!: TomKat is reportedly preparing for a baby boy “scenario.”

Paris, new and improved: Is it us or did Paris Hilton go and get her some new breasteses? Her cell mate will love ’em.

On the rocks: Is the marriage of JLo and Marc Anthony headed for the great duets graveyard in the sky?

Photo: Splash News & Picture Agency

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