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The Art Of Photoshop? L’Oreal Spokeswoman Andie MacDowell Bares Her Ma...

Andie MacDowell looks flawlessly faced at 54 in her latest L’Oreal ads, but in real life she looks much more like an average person!

The Groundhog Day star st… READ MORE


FaceLift In A Bag?

“Fight wrinkles while you sleep with the Frownies’ ‘ Facelift In A Bag.’ ” That’s according to the company, which promise that their multi product kit offer… READ MORE

RADAR Online

Beauty Pillowcase: Get Rid Of Wrinkles While You Sleep!

Heather Locklear attributes her unlined appearance to being a “back sleeper.” Dermatologists recommend that you don’t sleep on your face to avoid wrinkl… READ MORE

RADAR Online

Safetox: Beauty Gadget

C’mon on people! Seriously. Are you really going to walk around with this contraption strapped to your forehead, like some alien out of Star Trek?