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VIDEO: True Or Fat Chance? Jimmy Fallon Jokes About Rumors Kevin Feder...

Rumors are flying that Kevin Federline -looking very husky lately (OK, he’s fat!)– may be getting his own reality show that would follow his struggl… READ MORE

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Christian Bale Crash Diets For Role?

We know Christian Bale is devoted when it comes to his craft: the cult hero actor has spurned big paydays for indie flicks, went off on a on a tirade on a product… READ MORE

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Ruby Gettinger Walks Across America

The Style Network’s biggest star — and we mean that literally — Ruby Gettinger is staging get-fit walks from coast to coast, all to promREAD MORE

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The New Face Of Weight Loss: Jackie Cox

This is multi-millionaire Jackie Cox, living the good life at her Bahamian villa last week.

So who is she, you might ask? Cox is a co-inventor of LighterLife… READ MORE

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Kirstie Alley Tells Oprah: “I’m Going To Be In A Bikini Ag...

Actress Kirstie Alley, who said she plans on losing the 75 pounds she regained in the past two years, tells Oprah Winfrey on Thursday’s show that she&… READ MORE

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Star Jones to Oprah: “I’m Still 300 Pounds In My Head̶...

Star Jones is speaking out — with candor — about losing a staggering 160 pounds.

Jones — who appears Wednesday in a taped episode of the OREAD MORE