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VIDEO: NY TV Reporter Nearly Blown Off Overpass On Live TV

By Adam S. Levy
Radar Staff Writer

And you thought Chicago was the Windy City…

WABC-TV reporter Darla Miles was nearly swept away by strong gust of wind Thurs… READ MORE


AMAZING VIDEO: Storm Chasers Tape Killer Tornadoes Down South

By Radar Staff

The video is both amazing and frightening.

Storm chasers, risking their own lives, videotaped a staggering number of killer tornadoes that … READ MORE


VIDEO: ‘Friday’ Singer Rebecca Black Responds To The Hater...

Meet Rebecca Black.

The 13-year-old Southern California girl, who resembles a young Lea Michele (Glee), is the latest Internet sensation thanks to her so… READ MORE


VIDEO: TV Reporter Serene Branson Breaks Silence — ‘I Was ...

Los Angeles TV reporter Serene Branson recalled the terrifying details of the now-viral incident in which she lapsed into gibberish while delivering a re… READ MORE


VIDEO: Ted Williams Headed To The White House?!?

Ted Williams is off the street corner — now, he’s looking for an invitation to The White House.

The Man with the Golden Voice, who created a sign… READ MORE


VIDEO: Speculation Grows Over TV Reporter’s Bizarre Gibberish &#...

Experts are weighing in on the disturbing video of Los Angeles TV reporter Serene Branson lapsing into gibberish while she delivered a live report on  KCBS… READ MORE


MUST-SEE VIDEO: College Football QB’s Trick Shots Score Big On W...

Move over, Aaron Rodgers.

Johnny McEntee, the third-string quarterback for the University Of Connecticut Huskies, is gaining steam as the Web’s l… READ MORE


VIDEO: The ‘Apologizing Thief’ — Man Says He’s...

A thief caught on tape robbing a store owner of $300 was apprehended by authorities in Top Hat, Washington Monday, but not before starring in his own viral vi… READ MORE


VIDEO: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise — ‘Texting Lady’...

Cathy Cruz Marrero, the woman considering filing a lawsuit after video of her falling into the fountain of the Pennsylvania mall she works at went viral, ha… READ MORE


VIDEO: Texting Lady Who Fell Into Fountain ‘Dumbfounded & E...

The woman at the center of a new viral video — after she fell into the fountain of a Pennsylvania mall while sending a text message — told Good MorREAD MORE


MUST-SEE VIDEO: Rat Surprises Sleeping Man On NY Subway!

RATS — I hate when that happens!

We couldn’t resist sharing this icky video with you. After all, if we had to cringe watching it over-and-over, … READ MORE

RADAR Online

VIDEO: Homeless Man With Golden Voice Reunites With 90-Year-Old Mom On...

A day after seeing one another for the first time in ten years, the man with the golden voice Ted Williams and his mother Julia appeared together live in studi… READ MORE


VIDEO: Ted Williams, The Homeless Man With The Golden Voice, Has 9 Kid...

Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice who’s become the first YouTube sensation of 2011, told the Today Show on Thursday that he’… READ MORE

RADAR Online

VIDEO: Homeless Man With The Golden Voice Thanks God

Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice who’s become the latest YouTube sensation, told the CBS Early Show Wednesday in an emotional in… READ MORE


AMAZING VIDEO: Homeless Man With The Golden Radio Voice

Meet Ted Williams.

Watch the video on

Williams, a homeless man from Columbus, Ohio, has become the latest YouTube sensation, after a repo… READ MORE


VIDEO: Justin Bieber Makes Big Splash In Tiny Chatroom

It was just a run-of-the-mill Tuesday on — until teen sensation Justin Bieber showed up, that is.

Watch the video on



FUNNY VIDEO: Kids Say The Darndest Things, Holiday Edition

Unplanned kid moments always make for the best viral videos, so the Today Show scored big points with us for rooting out this gem, of an adorable 3-year-old b… READ MORE


SHOCKING VIDEO: Ex-Con Takes School Board Hostage Before Killing Himse...

WARNING: This video is extremely graphic and disturbing; it’s important to note that no one was injured when the gunman opened fire.

An armed ex-con… READ MORE


VIDEO: Hide Yo Wife! Antoine Dodson’s Bed Intruder Named YouTube...

Internet users watched more than 700 billion views on YouTube in the past year, and the heavyweight champ of viral video was none other than Antoine Dodson, … READ MORE


AMAZING VIDEO: Minnesota’s Metrodome Roof Caves In Under Heavy S...

The weather inside was frightful at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis Sunday, as a heavy blizzard in the Midwest led to the structure’… READ MORE