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Conrad Murray Trial Recap: Defense Expert Conducted Beagle Propofol Te...

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Dr. Conrad Murray‘s lead defense attorney, Ed Chernoff revealed in court Friday afternoon, that their defe… READ MORE


Prosecutors to Play Conrad Murray’s Interview With Cops

By Radar Staff

For the first time, we will hear directly from Dr. Conrad Murray in his trial in Los Angeles on Friday.

Prosecutors will play a recording of a po… READ MORE


Conrad Murray Trial Recap: Coroner’s Office Accused Of Making Mistakes...

By Radar Staff

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s investigator who examined Michael Jackson’s body and bedroom has been accused of making “mistakes… READ MORE


Conrad Murray Trial Recap: Dr. Ordered 15 Liters Of Propofol

By Radar Staff

Dr. Conrad Murray ordered 15 liters of Propofol from a pharmacist, a court heard Tuesday.

The physician – who is standing trial for the involu… READ MORE


Conrad Murray Trial Recap: Dr. Had ‘No Concept’ Of Time Du...

By Radar Staff

A cocktail waitress who received a call from Dr. Conrad Murray around the time of Michael Jackson’s death is expected to take the stand Tuesda… READ MORE


Conrad Murray Trial Recap: ER Doc Said Michael Jackson Was ‘Clin...

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Dr. Rochelle Cooper, the emergency room doctor that treated Michael Jackson when he arrived at the Ronald Reagan UC… READ MORE


Conrad Murray Trial Recap: Chef Was Told By Dr. Murray To Get Prince; ...

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Kai Chase, Michael Jackson’s personal chef took the stand Thursday to testify in the Dr. Conrad Murray involuntary … READ MORE


Conrad Murray Trial Recap: Security Guard Says Helped Put Propofol Bot...

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Alberto Alvarez, a member of Michael Jackson’s security team, testified Thursday that he helped Dr. Conrad READ MORE


Conrad Murray Trial Recap: Michael Jackson’s Children Cried When He Wa...

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

The second day of testimony in the Dr. Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter trial concluded on Wedne… READ MORE


Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Recap: MJ’s Assistant ‘I Was Never...

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney David Walgren has been methodically laying out the events that led to the trag… READ MORE