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Find Your Muse

A hit in their home country, it wasn’t until Muse’s fourth album, Black Holes and Revelations, was released in 2006, that the band broke into the US market, r… READ MORE

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Tour Diary: OneRepublic

OneRepublic has jetted to Europe for the next leg of the tour and find themselves in Dublin, playing the big music TV shows – and getting a lesson in Rugby. Wha… READ MORE

RADAR Online

Tour Diary: OneRepublic

We’re still on tour with OneRepublic bringing you their photos from live on the road, which this week has included numerous TV appearances.  The band is in … READ MORE

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We’re taking you on tour with OneRepublic which this week finds them rocking in lovely Decatur, IL.

EXCLUSIVE TOUR PHOTOS: On The Road With OneRepublic


RADAR Online

Exclusive Tour Diary: OneRepublic

Last week we took you on tour with the band OneRepublic to balmy Key West Florida and now we’ve unpacked in Six Flags in San Antonio, TX. Drew almost got blown o… READ MORE