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Unmasked: Meet The Woman Who Had Sex With ‘Tough Love’ Star Steve Ward In Exchange For A TV Role… And She’s A High-Priced Hooker

VH1 reality star Steve Ward promised her she’d be a star. Now, can exclusively reveal the identity of the high-priced call girl who slept with the crooked cupid in… READ ON


Not Reality: Crooked Cupid Steve Ward Cast Male Friends As ‘Dates’ On VH1 TV Show ‘Tough Love’

Embattled VH1 reality star Steve Ward didn’t just scam the woman he slept with after promising her a spot on his show: The women who actually made it to… READ ON

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‘Tough Love’ Host Steve Ward Claims High-Priced Call Girl Recorded Him Bartering For Sex Illegally

Steve Ward has yet to comment publicly on the audio recording of a man identified as him promising a call girl a spot on his show, Tough Love, in exchange READ ON