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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Stunners Deliver Dave Letterman’s Top Ten ...

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit models helped David Letterman deliver the Top Ten on Monday’s edition of The Late Show, with each model speaking on… READ MORE


Texas Governor Rick Perry Delivers His Top Ten Excuses On David Letter...

By Adam S. Levy,
Radar Staff Writer

Texas governor Rick Perry continues to try and make lemonade out of lemons.

The longest-serving governor of the Lone Sta… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Crystal Bowersox Blows Away The Competition In The American Ido...

After Tuesday night’s over all lack luster performances by the American Idol top ten men the pressure was on the girls Wednesday to bring the talent a… READ MORE

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Babes In Space! The Hottest Women of Science Fiction

While a superhero or alien avenger may be all the rage for summer blockbusters, let us not forget about the smoking hot females of science fiction!


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Sticky Fingers: Top 10 Shoplifted Items in America

While it’s entirely predictable that the Winona Ryder types would target high-end department stores for trendy loot, ever wonder what the garden v… READ MORE

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PHOTO GALLERY: Top Ten Teenie Weenie Celeb Bikinis

What’s better than a hot celeb in a bikini? How about a hot celeb in a teenie weenie bikini!

So, take a cold shower and check out our photo gallery of sexy READ MORE