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Forest Boy? More Like Flimflam Man, Police Say, After Stepmother IDs H...

By Radar Staff

The Forest Boy is a fraud.

Authorities in Berlin Friday said the boy’s name is Robin van Helsum, and he’s a 20-year-old DutchmanREAD MORE


First Look At 'Forest Boy' As Mystery Deepens Over Who He Is...

By Radar Staff

We’ve finally got a face to put to the Forest Boy!

Berlin police released an image of the elusive teen Wednesday in hopes of being able to … READ MORE


Forest Boy Agrees To DNA Test In Bid To Locate Relatives

By Radar Staff

Justin Bieber‘s not the only 17-year-old donating DNA to settle a worldwide controversy.

The Forest Boy, who answers to the name “Ray… READ MORE


Forest Fraud? German Police Say Boy Never Lived In The Woods

By Radar Staff

German police said a number of key factors have led them to determine the tale of Forest Boy — the 17-year-old who claims he spent five ye… READ MORE


Is Forest Boy A Hoax? Swiss Couple Claims They’re His Grandparen...

By Radar Staff

The forest boy mystery is deepening, and some serious doubt is being shed over the story spun by the lonesome teen.

A couple from Switzerland h… READ MORE


Wilderness Boy Might Have Walked 150 Miles Through Woods

by Radar Staff

The wilderness boy making headlines out of Germany might have walked an amazing 150 miles through the woods before he touched concrete, RadaREAD MORE


Wilderness Boy Is ‘Civilized’; Likes Bowling And TV

by Radar Staff

The forest boy making headlines out of Germany is more civilized than many had given him credit for.

As we previously reported, the boy —… READ MORE


Boy Claims He Lived In Wilderness For 5 Years; Wants To Go Back

By Radar Staff

A boy who purportedly spent five years living in the wilderness is struggling to live in modern civilization after sprouting up in Germany fo… READ MORE