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Stephanie Birkitt

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Other Women: The 9 Most Infamous Celebrity Mistresses Revealed!

From sports stars and Hollywood actors to politicians and chefs, some of the world’s most famous men have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.… READ MORE

First Jay Leno, Now David Letterman! Late Night Talk Show Host Is Reti...

First Jay Leno, now David Letterman.

The veteran late night host is retiring from The Late Show and is expected to make the announcement of his departure fro… READ MORE


David Letterman Blames Himself For Cheating Scandal, Calls Jay Leno ‘F...

By Radar Staff

David Letterman blames the 2009 extortion plot — the one in which he famously confessed to cheating on his wife on the air — squar… READ MORE


David Letterman To Herman Cain: ‘I’m No Stranger To Sexual...

By Radar Staff

The biggest laugh in David Letterman‘s interview with Presidential wannabe Herman Cain Friday night came at the host’s own ex… READ MORE

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Letterman Extortionist To Plead Guilty Tuesday

Robert Halderman the television producer at the center of the $2 million David Letterman extortion plot is expected to plead guilty to second degree larce… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Letterman Extortionist Pleads Guilty; Apologizes To Talk Show H...

Moments after  Robert “Joe” Halderman pleaded guilty to attempting to blackmail David Letterman, the former producer for CBS’ 48 Hours stepped before ca… READ MORE

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BREAKING NEWS: David Letterman – “I Had Complete Faith Tha...

Just moments after Robert “Joe” Halderman plead guilty to a charge of attempted 2nd degree grand larceny regarding his attempt to blackmail David LettermREAD MORE

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Prosecutor In David Letterman Extortion Case Wants Witnesses Kept Sec...

The David Letterman blackmail saga will play out in court Thursday, with a top-secret twist: prosecutor Suzanne Vieux is hoping to keep search warrants in … READ MORE

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David Letterman Took Mistress On Family Vacations With Wife

The David Letterman sex scandal has taken a bizarre new twist – following revelations that The Late Show icon took his mistress Stephanie Birkitt on a Carib… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Letterman’s Wife And Son Spotted For The First Time S...

David Letterman’s wife, Regina Lasko, and his six-year-old son Harry were spotted in New York City Thursday.

Regina dropped Harry off at school amid tight … READ MORE

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Report: Accused Letterman Blackmailer Saw Dave Kiss His Girlfriend

Accused David Letterman extortionist Robert Halderman watched idly by as his girlfriend, Stephanie Birkitt, passionately kissed the late night talk sh… READ MORE

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David Letterman Drama Makes For Ratings Gold

David Letterman‘s self-confessed bad behavior has reinforced the credo, controversy creates cash: Nielsen reported a 4.2 rating for MondayR… READ MORE

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Diary Of Letterman Intern Details Romantic Hikes, Job Offers

Romantic hikes and secret sexual trysts were mentioned in the diary of Stephanie Birkitt, the pretty intern at the center of the scandal which ignited afte… READ MORE

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RADAR ON THE SCENE: Letterman Extortionist Returns Home

The man charged with extorting David Letterman returned  home Friday night. was on the scene as Robert Joe Halderman, a producer with the … READ MORE

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David Letterman Alleged Extortionist’s Neighbors In State Of Sho...

Robert Joe Halderman is the television producer at the center of a bizarre plot to extort millions of dollars from American television icon David LettermaREAD MORE

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VIDEO: Meet The Woman At The Center Of Letterman Extortion Plot

Meet the woman at the center of the plot to extort $2 million from late night icon David Letterman: Stephanie Birkitt.

The 34-year-old has worked for Letter… READ MORE

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NEIGHBOR REVEALS: Letterman Staffer Was Still With Letterman Extortion...

Robert Joe Halderman was leading a normal life and apparently happy with his girlfriend Stephanie Birkitt just weeks ago, a neighbor of the man charged wit… READ MORE

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Letterman’s Alleged Extortionist Lived Above His Means

David Letterman’s alleged extortionist, Robert Halderman, was attempting to extort money from the talk show host due to financial problems according to … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: The Woman At Center Of Letterman Extortion Plot

Stephanie Birkitt, the woman used by Robert Halderman without her knowledge at the center of the David Letterman extortion plot, met Halderman at CBS abou… READ MORE