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South Park

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‘South Park’ Pokes Fun At Celebrities, Holograms & Holiday Specials...

The holidays are about bringing families together, but now we spend too much time a part tweeting and Facebooking and Instagramming. “The more connected w… READ MORE

'Kim Is A Hobbit!': Kanye West Bound To Go Nuts Over Latest ...

Kanye West has gotten the South Park treatment yet again.

The rap superstar, who was previously parodied by Trey Parker and Matt Stone as a “Gay Fish,… READ MORE


Tiger Woods: No Sex With Porn Stars Unless He Loves Them, Says Coach H...

By Radar Staff

Tiger Woods is not likely to put The Big Miss on his summer reading list. The tell-all book by Hank Haney doesn’t paint a pretty picture o… READ MORE


PHOTOS & VIDEO: The Book of Mormon Dominates 65th Tony Awards

by Radar Staff

Cartman would be proud.

PHOTOS: Stars At Tony Awards

As expected, The Book of Mormon – the brainchild of South Park’s Matt Stone and TreREAD MORE

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VIDEO: Snooki Spoofed On South Park

Jersey Shore has dominated the pop culture mill the past year, and on Wednesday, MTV’s resident “juiceheads” and “guidettes&… READ MORE


VIDEO: The Real Housewives of ….South Park?!?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey were cleverly spoofed on Wednesday’s episode of South Park, as the cartoon parodied the show’s crazy confl… READ MORE

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VIDEO: South Park’s 200TH Episode Packed With Celebrity Parodie...

No celebrity was safe on the 200th episode of South Park Wednesday, in which a large group of celebs plotted to gain revenge on the town for the insensitive ba… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Kardashians Killed On South Park

No Kardashian was spared on Wednesday evening’s stinging edition of South Park, and has the clip for you.

Tiger Woods Gets South PaREAD MORE

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South Park: Boys Embrace Banned Book In New Episode

Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny return with more foul-mouthed fun this week, when their parents decide they’re mature enough to read a book that was fo… READ MORE

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Sandra Bullock With Family, Hoping For Privacy

Sandra Bullock was blindsided by the tabloid magazine report charging her husband Jesse James cheated, and the actress is now with family and hoping for pr… READ MORE

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Tiger Woods Gets South Parked!

As if Tiger Woods didn’t have enough trouble, the sex-addicted golfer is now getting the South Park treatment.  The new season of the often-controv… READ MORE

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Spirit Of South Park: Show’s Bicentennial Episode Coming Soon!

Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny return with more foul-mouthed fun next week, when South Park kicks off its’ 14th season Wednesday, March 17 at 10/9e on … READ MORE

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Susan Boyle Makes Kyle Sick

It’s official. She’s famous.

Susan Boyle – the dowdy Scottish woman who’s rendition of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Mis made her an … READ MORE

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Kanye West : "South Park Murdered Me"

Who knew Kanye West actually had a self-deprecating sense of humor?

The rapper reacted surprisingly to Wednesday’s episode of South Park that paro… READ MORE