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Run For Love: V-Day Sneakers

If you have an exercise nut (and we mean that in the nicest way) in your family, don’t give them chocolates – give them a special edition pair of  New Balance’s READ MORE

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How Much Would You Pay For These Shoes?


How much do you think these fashionable shoes go for? $100? $200?

First let me tell you that we had the company send us a pair so we could see … READ MORE

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The Shoe With Sole: PF Flyers

And who says change is bad? The updated PF Albin shoe had me at the leather detail paired with the sporty black patent. Admittedly, I’m a traditionali… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kim Kardashian Steps Out for Breast Cancer

There’s nothing better than a cute pair of shoes. At least according to Kim Kardashian! The reality TV star  launched a new business, ShoeDazzle.coREAD MORE

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Style Radar: Faboo Or Faux Pas? Fab Feet, Foot Mess & This Weeken...

On and off the red carpet, this weekend stars were strutting their stuff in fab shoes and bad shoes.  Sandals with socks, baby-blue toenails, and shoes that … READ MORE

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The Suit Men Want To Wear

A suit styled sneaker, imagine that! New Balance has created a sneaker that men want to wear and women approve of: the suit collection shoe.  Talk about suit… READ MORE