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SCRAM bracelet

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Jokes About Her SCRAM Bracelet

At least she still has her sense of humor.

Lindsay Lohan showcased her comedic side in a skit for the upcoming film Underground Comedy 2010. Shot a month befo… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Judge Will Receive Report On Lindsay Lohan SCRAM Bracelet G...

Judge Marsha Revel will receive a report on Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol-detecting SCRAM bracelet going off, has learned exclusively.


RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Says She Loves Clean Living

Party Girl Lindsay Lohan has a SCRAM bracelet on an ankle and is telling friends that she enjoys the mandated clean living, is exclusively … READ MORE

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VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Leaves Court With Alcohol-Monitoring Bracelet

After a court appearance where the judge made it clear to everyone that she is not tolerating any excuses in the Lindsay Lohan probation violation case, the … READ MORE

RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Dina Lohan Admits Lindsay Told Not To Come Home

In a shocking admission, Dina Lohan told that her daughter Lindsay was told not to come home from Cannes – even though she had a new passport … READ MORE