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Rubina Ali

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Slumdog Millionaire's Rubina Ali Celebrates 11th Birthday

It was Rubina Ali‘s destiny to party it up Sunday, as the young star of Slumdog Millionaire celebrated turning 11 with friends and neighbors in her Mu… READ MORE

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‘Slumdog’ Director Buys New Homes For Kid Stars

Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle has answered an S.O.S. from two of the Oscar winning film’s young stars by buying them new homes … READ MORE

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Second Slumdog Millionaire Child's Home Demolished In As Many Wee...

Mumbai officials Wednesday demolished the makeshift home of Rubina Ali, the 9-year-old star of $326 million, octo-Oscar-winning blockbuster Slumdog MREAD MORE

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Mother Seeks Custody Of Young Slumdog Star

Khursheed Ali, the birth mother of Slumdog Millionaire child star Rubina Ali, said she will do “whatever it takes” to win custody of her daugh… READ MORE

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Police Clear Slumdog Star’s Dad Of Ugly Accusation

Rafiq Qureshi likely danced in celebration Wednesday after police in India said there was no evidence he tried to sell his daughter, 9-year-old Slumdog MiREAD MORE

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Slumdog Kid Selling Scandal: Dad Blames Neighbor

The Slumdog Millionaire “kid for sale” scandal has taken a new twist after Rubina Ali’s father Rafiq Qureshi claimed that his neighbor tried to sell his dau… READ MORE

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You’ve seen the photographs, now see the first video of that outrageous brawl between the birth mother and the stepmother of Rubina Ali, the 9-year-… READ MORE

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Shock Report: Dad Tried to Sell Slumdog Star

In a potentially disturbing turn of events, the Oscar gold of Slumdog Millionaire could be tarnished by a scheme to sell one of its young stars for adoption.… READ MORE