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RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE: Will.I.Am’s Ego Forced Out Former Black Eyed Peas Sin...

Before the Black Eyed Peas sexy front woman Fergie came along, Kim Hill was the female singer of the famed group.

According to sources close to the group, Kim READ MORE

RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE: Fergie Ready To Leave Black Eyed Peas, Feuding With Will.I....

Fergie is on the verge of leaving the Black Eyed Peas permanently as tension in the band has become intolerable for her, has learned exclus… READ MORE

RADAR Online

Movie Review: Pirate Radio

Breaking rules and behaving badly have always been in fashion for boys of all ages. But nothing beats getting rowdy and fighting the power in the name of rock … READ MORE

RADAR Online

Summer Tours Will Rock You

Hold on to your geetars! Here’s a list of rumored summer tours:

Rolling Stones – Not betting on this one to take place.

Paul McCartney – S… READ MORE