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Retired Horse Loves Watching Show Jumping on High Def. TV!

Ex-international show jumping horse, ‘Belly Bumps,’ watches this year’s Hickstead in high definition on her 52inch TV and Sky+HD box in her … READ MORE

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Doggie DNA Testing

Will this trend of “humanizing” our pets ever die?

Doggie spas, doggie daycare, doggie fashion are all the rage, but now comes the latest with Doggie DNA tes… READ MORE

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Want To Save Your Carpet From The Dog Days Of Summer?

Tired of your puppy’s paws tracking filth onto an expensive rug or just-mopped floor every time they saunter into the house? Want to be able to clean t… READ MORE

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Celeb Pet Of The Week: Katie Lee Joel Walks Her Pooch

Katie Lee Joel might not be Mrs. Billy Joel for much longer, but she’s still an uptown girl.

The beauty, recently separated from Piano Man hubby Billy … READ MORE

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE VIDEO & PHOTOS: Inside Michael Vick’s House...

House arrest isn’t exactly torture for former NFL star Michael Vick. Sure, he’s sporting an electronic-monitoring device on his ankle, but heR… READ MORE

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Doggie Treadmill?

When you buy a dog you’re supposed to walk it, not buy it a pedometer or a treadmill!

I used to have a boyfriend who would take my doxie, Sam, for a ride in h… READ MORE

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Bark Smart

I think my pups are laughing at me. Smart Home sent me their new Bark Smart to try out, which works by sending out an ultrasonic signal that only dogs can hear wh… READ MORE

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WaterBottle Crunchers! Yum!

Some dogs love nothing better than to crunch on an empty water bottle — must be that lovely sound — so Fat Cat designed WaterBottle Crunchers toREAD MORE

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Top Ten Pigs We Love

Those crazy folks over at have come up with a “Top 10 Pigs we Love “ list,  in honor (?)  of swine flu. Check out their list and add your own!: