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He’s No Dog

Big tough-guy John Mayer stops on the way to the gym in NYC to pet a cute pup. Handsome, talented and loves animals? Our kinda guy!… READ MORE


Prince Harry And Friend

Prince Harry holds an eight week old puppy called Veyron during a visit to the charity Canine Partners Training Centre in Midhurst in Sussex, England. Cani… READ MORE


Celeb Pets

Actress Kate Walsh takes her dogs for a walk in Los Feliz on July 10, 2010 in Los Angeles.… READ MORE

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Walky Dog

Isn’t this clever – a dog leash made for bikes! The WalkyDog dog bike leash lets you safely take your dog with you on bike ride, without them crossing over in fr… READ MORE


Extreme Poodles – This Sun at 9/8c

Watch as crazy people transform perfectly good-looking poodles into outrageous creations like a derby girl, lion, buffalo, camel and much more.
No word o… READ MORE

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Canine Swim Safe

Sure, dogs can doggie –paddle but not for long. If you plan on boating with your pet, think about a life vest. We like this one since it is made specifically for … READ MORE

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Eat This, Instead Of The Couch

Who knew a ball wasn’t enough. Now we have to play puzzles with our pets? What’s next? A game of charades?

Don’t get us wrong; we love our three rescue daschund… READ MORE

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Katherine Heigl In Harper’s Bazaar: Helps Animals

Heigl graces next month’s cover of Harper’s Bazaar, looking beautiful we might add, and opens up about learning to think before she speaks, her career, mar… READ MORE

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Gifting Suites Go To The Dogs

Celebs get to go to gifting suites all the time, so why not their dogs?  This weekend, Cesar pet food hosted a glamorous Silver Spoon Dog suite, for the four-l… READ MORE

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Fun Or Downright Cruel?

A Chinese zoo has been criticized for training its animals to do human sports so as to entertain the visitors; they have trained monkeys to walk on stilts and … READ MORE

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Paws For Thought: Dog Pants?

Does a dog really NEED pants? A new company called “Pants For Dogs” has designed a whole range of panties, thongs and even cummerbunds to turn any regular can… READ MORE

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Lion Cub Befriends Kittens

These orphaned baby wild cats have found some cute new friend..A cuddly lioness cub has befriened two young caracal kittens after all three were left to fen… READ MORE

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There’s An App For That: Witty Kitty App

Nothing brings your heart pressure down like stroking an animal, but if nothing furry is close by, use your iPhone. What???? Pat the virtual cat on your iTun… READ MORE

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Give Your Dog A Laugh! Rubber Neckers

Fat Cat who make some of the best toys for pets, have a new one called  the ‘Rubber Necker” which is a fun, floppy tug-and-pull toy. Made of heavy … READ MORE

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Petproject: Fun Pet Toys That last!

We’ve all had the experience of buying squeaky toys for our pups and within minutes they are strewn on the floor and you’re left hoping Fido didn’t swallow th… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Ken Wahl Offers Golden Globe To Catch Cat Killer

Actor turned animal rights activist Ken Wahl is clawing mad: the award-winning leading man of the late 80s/early 90s hit crime drama, Wiseguy, is offering … READ MORE

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Homecoming Howl: Vote For Your Favorite Collegiate Mascot!

That’s right, its election season again, but this one doesn’t involve donkeys or elephants – just four-legged stars who have represe… READ MORE

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Halloween Pups

I have two doxies that like to play dress-up. It’s the truth. Henry and Lola love the attention their costume garners, while Maggie, our shy rescue prefers t… READ MORE

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Cast Your Vote For Favorite TV Pooch!

That’s right, its election season again, but this one doesn’t involve donkeys or elephants — just four-legged stars who have wagged their tails on t… READ MORE

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Leann Rimes In Puppy Love With New Pal?

Leann Rimes Tuesday was snapped by paps as she rescued a Chihuahua from the Wilshire Animal Clinic in Santa Monica, California.

The beauty is a known dog lov… READ MORE