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Casey Anthony’s Attorneys Formally File Probation Appeal

By Radar Staff

Casey Anthony’s lawyers have formally filed an appeal asking that Judge Belvin Perry’s order for Anthony to return to Orlando … READ MORE


Casey Anthony’s Return To Orlando Delayed; Emergency Hearing Set For F...

By Radar Staff

Casey Anthony will not have to return to Orlando, Florida on Thursday to meet with her probation officer for a check fraud conviction after al… READ MORE


Casey Anthony’s Defense Team To Fight Judge’s Probation Order

By Radar Staff

Attorneys for Casey Anthony are expected to file an emergency motion Tuesday seeking to overturn an order by Orange County Judge Stan StrickREAD MORE


Casey Anthony Ordered Back To Orlando, Florida

By Radar Staff

Where’s Casey Anthony? Right now, we don’t know, but soon we will. A judge is telling the notorious ‘Tot Mom’ to return to Orlando, Florida … READ MORE


Casey Anthony Will Not Testify — The Defense Rests!

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

In a shocking twist Thursday, Casey Anthony told the judge in her murder case that she will not testify an… READ MORE