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RADAR Online

Reality Teen Shows: Bad For US?

Have you ever noticed that on the popular teen shows no one EVER does any homework? Yet Blair and Serena got accepted to Yale (then Blair got turned down but th… READ MORE

RADAR Online

TV: Tuesday Hot List

We can’t help it. We love those spoiled, precocious, clueless kids on NYC Prep. It’s like a bad car accident that you just can’t turn away from. We know that on… READ MORE

RADAR Online

Tuesday TV Hot List

On tonight’s episode of the skin crawling NYC Prep, Kelli starts to see green after hearing that Taylor “hooked up” with hair-flipping-Sebastian on their … READ MORE

RADAR Online

Tuesday Night Hot List

All aboard for a night of Bravo train wrecks!

First up, brace yourself for the most anticipated Housewives reunion evaaa! Andy Cohen hosts part one of the tw… READ MORE