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Mythbusters Stunt Misfires As Cannonball Goes Through House

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Proving that you can’t predict science, reality show Mythbusters seriously lost control of one of their err… READ MORE

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Must Watch Show: Mythbusters

Are you watching the Discovery Channel’s MythBusters? It’s one of the most interesting, entertaining and wait for it educational shows on TV . . . but not in … READ MORE

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TV: Monday Hot List

Nothing like ending the last week of TV viewing in 2009 with some heavy hitting topics on A&E. As tough as their shows like Hoarders and Intervention may … READ MORE

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TV: Wednesday Hot List

America’s Next Top Model sends their 5 remaining hopefuls out to get all sweaty and frustrated as they race around Sao Paulo to meet 5 different designers in … READ MORE