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Monsters VS Aliens

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Seth Rogen: "I Hate Kids"

Seth Rogen is riding high with a monster hit at the box office (Monsters vs Aliens) and a new dark comedy (Observe and Report) hitting theaters April 10th.  … READ MORE

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Monsters Vs Aliens: A Monster Hit!

Monsters Vs Aliens, the latest 3-D fare from DreamWorks Animation, had the year’s best opening so far, taking in $58.2 million at the box office this … READ MORE

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“Monsters vs. Aliens” Movie Review: Monster Hit

Reese Witherspoon may get top billing in Monsters vs. Aliens, but the real star here is the snazzy InTru 3-D technology. This goes way beyond random objects … READ MORE

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Reese Witherspoon: Monster-ously Hot, Alien-like Fashioned

Reese Witherspoon stepped out for the Monsters VS. Aliens premiere in Los Angeles over the weekend playing up to the movie title in a shimmery mess of hotnes… READ MORE