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Miss California Carrie Prejean

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NEW VIDEO: “Michael, Do You Agree With Carrie’s Views On G...

He must have been expecting this question, sooner or later.

Michael Phelps — who dated Miss California Carrie Prejean — was asked if he agreed … READ MORE

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Miss California: “I Was Just A Pageant Contestant”

A day after being called the b-word — and the c-word — by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, Miss California Carrie Prejean cried on the sympathe… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Miss California’s Granny Comes Out Swinging: “I...

Miss California Carrie Prejean is under attack for her anti-gay marriage statement at the Miss USA pageant and she’s just found one feisty ally R… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Friends Of Miss California Rally To Her Defense

Friends of Miss California Carrie Prejean are speaking out in support of the beauty queen whose controversial comments against gay marriage have sparked READ MORE

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Miss USA Surprises With Gay Marriage Response

Miss USA Kristen Dalton had an apparent epiphany on the hot topic issue of gay marriage — sometime between the first and third hour of Wednesday̵… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Miss California Dating Michael Phelps

Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean is set to make headlines with something other than her anti-gay marriage comments. Her grandmother Jeanette Coppolla c… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Miss California Friend Speaks Out

Billy Benedetto has been friends with Miss California Carrie Prejean since they met at a football game their freshman year at San Diego Christian College. … READ MORE

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VIDEO: Gay Marriage Flap at Miss USA Pageant

Leave it to Perez Hilton to spark controversy.

A judge at this year’s Miss USA pageant, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, the celebr… READ MORE

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Miss California Controversy Explodes; College Supports Her While Attor...

Miss California Carrie Prejean has ignited a raging controversy with her comments about gay marriage, splitting the public’s opinion of her comments and … READ MORE

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NEW INTERVIEW: Miss California: “It Did Cost Me My Crown”

In a brand new radio interview, Miss California Carrie Prejean says she believes her response to a controversial question about same-sex marriage cost he… READ MORE