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Lou Reed's 'Walk On The Wild Side' Comes To An End, Leg...

He helped shape the entire catalogue of rock music — and the music industry is today mourning the death of Lou Reed.

A singer, songwriter and guitaris… READ MORE


Justin Bieber’s Career Will Be ‘Over In Three Years’...

Justin Bieber  is on a crash and burn trajectory, according to respected music manager Peter Mensch.

“His manager Scooter Braun is scared s***less… READ MORE


Metallica Fans Riot After Canceled Concert

By Radar Staff

Now that’s heavy metal!

Metallica fans in India rioted after the infamous kings of metal were forced to canceled their show Friday nig… READ MORE

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Enter Savings: Bang Your Head To Metallica For Less Than A Buck

Cash-strapped Metallica fans can now pick from a huge catalogue of the band’s concert music at less than a buck a track, or $10 per concert: Starting T… READ MORE

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TV: Wednesday Hot List

America’s Next Top Model sends their 5 remaining hopefuls out to get all sweaty and frustrated as they race around Sao Paulo to meet 5 different designers in … READ MORE