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DVD Releases for September 7, 2010

Killers (PG-13)
To Jen Kornfeldt, (Katherine Heigl) her life is perfect: She’s gotten over a crappy breakup, married the hunky man of her dreams, and moved … READ MORE

RADAR Online

PHOTOS: Val Kilmer Losing The Battle Of The Bulge

Twenty years ago, Val Kilmer starred in The Doors; now, he can barely pass through them.

PHOTOS: Val Kilmer Over The Years

The 50-year-old actor was snapped … READ MORE

RADAR Online

MacGruber The Next SNL Character To Hit Silver Screen?

If Wayne, Garth, and even Pat could make the leap to the big screen, why not MacGruber?

The oft-featured MacGyver parody on Saturday Night Live is the latest … READ MORE